Creative Discovery Sessions

Pencil and watercolour illustration of a unicorn by Bettina KaiserFor new or existing clients, who are ready to change directions or shift their focus, Bettina is now offering Creative Discovery Sessions.


In these energetic and exciting sessions, Bettina will work closely with you to gain clarity on goals, values, assets and direction. You might

  • realise you need to find, or redefine, your direction;
  • reconnect and realign your business, with what drives you;
  • want to explore, what it is that really matters to you;
  • assess your visual presence in a holistic way, and think broadly about strategies moving forward.


Chalk, sticky notes, butcher paper and sharpie pens are our tools. Caffeine, cider or chocolate our fuel. We begin by pulling apart your current situation and identifying what matters to you, what you are passionate about, what bothers you. We then explore options for what can stay and what we can farewell to, what can be culled, and what needs more TLC and attention from you. You can take it from there with a list of clear action items and an adjusted compass, or we can talk further in another session about strategies for turning ideas into change.


We all run our businesses better when we really care about what we do. Our lives are brighter and happier when our passions are aligned with our responsibilities – when work and life add up. So it’s important to regularly review where we are and where we’re heading because that enables us to make the right choices as opportunities arise, or when we are being pulled in too many directions at once.

Sure, you can do this work alone, but it helps to talk it out with someone who understands, who probes, and is willing to delve deep into the known and unknown.


Time and location can be arranged to suit you, but we would typically hold our Creative Discovery Sessions in the BKA+D studio, or a local cafe or cafe. You should set aside some time to yourself afterwards to work on some of the questions and resolutions that come up during our session.


Contact Bettina at to find out more.

Discovery Session
(1.5 hours creative mapping, with follow- up email summary)

Creative Consulting Pack
(1.5 hr  Discovery Session, follow-up email, 1,5 hr Mapping & Strategy Session, follow-up email, 1 hr Action & accountability follow-up meeting)


Thanks so much, Bettina, for your support and encouragement in helping me to develop a new and exciting focus for Spineless Wonders. Your very practical follow-up interventions pulled me out of the chaos of the day-to-day, helped me keep an eye trained on the new big picture and set me on the pathway (one small do-able step at a time) towards some bigger goals. Taking the time to have face-to-face brainstorming sessions and then following up regularly with timely and useful prods has helped tremendously. Creative, perceptive and consistent. Many tx.
Bronwyn Mehan, Publisher, SPINELESS WONDERS

When I knew I had to ‘pitch’ myself for a very competitive application process, I immediately called Bettina for advice. What am I actually good at? What am I looking for and why? Our discussion was frank, challenging and even quite funny at times – especially as she helped unpick what I thought I wanted, in contrast to what actually drives me. The most fascinating surprises come from within, and I totally recommend trying to find them with Bettina.
~ Tina Walsberger, Head of Marketing, SYDNEY FESTIVAL

Bettina has been the most amazing force in my life (and many others). I was so, so happy I booked her for a discovery session. I wasn’t certain what to expect, and thought that it might be a bit airy fairy – but it wasn’t at all! I walked away feeling so encouraged, invigorated and excited about the future. Concrete goals were set in that short time, ones I never thought possible. Bettina made me see that they are completely achievable, and helped me work on a timeline and week-to-week how to practicalities. Suddenly dreams are actually becoming a reality.